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I’m one very lucky Uncle. I have seven nieces and five nephews, and I have now photographed every single one of them for their senior portraits.

It became “an event” years ago, to make a trip to see Uncle Kevin for a full weekend to have their senior pictures taken, but always involved much more than an hour or two in the studio. We’d do the traditional studio session, then go out on location for something interesting… the beach, Ybor City, University of Tampa, downtown, a park… Then, of course, we’d hit a Rays/Yankees game, visit the Clearwater Marina, or do something that was just plain fun.

Well, of the dozen Newsome kids who call me “Uncle,” the last one just spent the weekend here for his senior pictures (all but two of my nieces and nephews hail from Atlanta).

Josh is the caboose of the train, and didn’t disappoint. We shared a ton of laughs, I told him stories about his dad (my brother) he’d never heard (always fun to reveal some hidden family secrets), we hit the movies, toured the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, and lunched and dined all around town.

He’s an experienced kayaker, so when I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago, I took advantage of the opportunity to begin the senior session with images I knew we couldn’t do when he came to Tampa.

The rest were taken all over the Bay area, and of course, no senior session is complete without a few of our famous Bumper Shots. Here are some of my favorite images of Josh Newsome’s senior portrait session…

I love the challenge of getting out of the camera room and creating executive business portraits on location, or in the client’s own environment. I bring professional lighting to accommodate every possible scenario, even if my intent is to utilize natural light only. Sometimes that “available light” isn’t always available. Such was the case yesterday when a thunderstorm rolled in about the time I got to the client’s office. A lack of good, high quality light will render your images muddy and lifeless. An experienced professional photographer will know exactly when the light has crossed into the realm of uselessness, and have at their disposal, the strobe system to mimic available light and still get the job done. These two images were captured yesterday under just such circumstances. I love my job, and I love my clients. Newsome’s Studio is “Home of the World’s Best Clients!”

Corporate Business Photo for Website

Corporate Business Photo for Website

Executive Head Shot for Bio Page

Executive Head Shot for Bio Page

Good training, preparation, a solid backup plan, and an experienced professional can make the difference between success and disaster.

This video, shot by my son this morning in Italy, is a prime example of just that. An Airborne Army Officer, he skydives for pleasure. This morning, his main chute refused to cooperate and he was forced to “cutaway” and deploy his reserve chute.

Thank God photography rarely offers such life or death decision making, but the point remains clear. Experience and a good backup plan = a successful outcome.