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There’s something to be said about a well planned, thought out, studio portrait. A long time client emailed me a beautiful wall portrait of her older daughter taken at age five by another photographer. Her second daughter wasn’t quite five yet, but was about to lose a front tooth, so there was a touch of urgency in getting her five year portrait taken – especially if she showed off her beautiful smile.

The goal wasn’t so much to match every detail of her older sister’s portrait, but replicate the traditional look, size, and feel of a quality, 20×24 canvas portrait her mother already owned of daughter number one.

As always, in cases like this, my starting point is to duplicate the lighting, pose, and expression, but to reverse the pose so when hung side by side, they will face one another instead of both going in the same direction (they’re wearing the same dress). After I’m satisfied, I work outwards from there to put my own spin on it, giving the second child’s image its own personality.

In this case, I opted for a more pensive expression, without teeth. A chair was switched for a park bench, and hand placement was rearranged. Mom loved it, and who wouldn’t? It’s clean, well lit, traditional, and will be a perfect “sister” image to hang side by side with her older sibling.

Mission Accomplished!

Creating Wall Art

Creating Wall Art

This nifty little PSA was produced by Canon. In addition to cameras, they’re in the business of selling printers. I’m in the business of selling frozen moments of time, in the form of wall portraits. We have something in common. We both see a decline in people printing their photographs.

A popular Internet Icon, Missy Mwac, made a keen observation recently… “This generation is the most photographed generation in history. In 50 years, they will have no photographs.” If trends continue as they have over the last ten years, she’s absolutely right! Too many people are quick to rely on their cell phones and Facebook for storage of their family’s photographic history. Drop that phone in a Big Gulp, and your history just got erased. Your Facebook account gets hacked and someone deletes all your images… well, that’s that!

So take 35 seconds to view this Canon produced PSA. It makes a great point, and hopefully will save you from having to pay for child therapy. Enjoy!

This face has graced my lens several times since she was only three months old. This portrait session commemorated her third birthday, and she is a total delight to work with.