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Directly from the US Dept of State: “The entry submission period for DV-2018 is from 12:00PM EDT (GMT -4) on October 4, 2016 to 12:00PM EST (GMT -5) on November 7, 2016.”

If you intend on applying for a Visa via the DV Lottery system, you MUST get your DV Lottery Photos taken NOW!

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I LOVE Nashville! Fortunately, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting there several times over the past few years, and have always enjoyed myself.

This trip was to document a three day event for Interior Design Magazine. It was a gathering of some of the country’s top designers and suppliers who are actively designing hotels and restaurants across the country. Programming is often followed by bus tours of local hotels and restaurants that have been designed as boutique/chic/hip, or have become local icons for their designs.

Dinner music at the Ryman was supplied a country music trio, who played every song you already know the words to!

Dinner music at the Ryman was supplied a country music trio, who played every song you already know the words to!

Nashville designer, Hannah Crowell (daughter of Roseanne Cash) presented "Little Known Facts About Nashville" to the attendees.

Nashville designer, Hannah Crowell (daughter of Rosanne Cash) presented “Little Known Facts About Nashville” to the attendees.

Dinner one evening was held on stage at the Ryman Auditorium.

Dinner one evening was held on stage at the Ryman Auditorium.

Designer Andrew Dent presented on how technology is employed into futuristic designs.

Designer Andrew Dent presented on how technology is employed into futuristic designs.

Spent yesterday in Orlando. I was not only hired to photographically cover the Joe McNally seminar for KelbyOne Media, but I was treated to an incredible education by one of the industry’s best and most accomplished photographers in the business… JOE McNALLY!

I give the seminar two thumbs up, and Joe’s ability to present his perspective and methodology in a language anyone can understand is downright magical. The guy is not only bursting with a talent for lighting and composition, but he’s a natural stand up comic! Eight hours with most of the industry’s instructors is about seven hours too long. Eight hours with Joe doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the time you wish you could spend listening to him speak.

Well done, Joe, well done indeed!


Joe McNally


Having a laugh at his assistant’s expense.


A joke a minute, and all “off the cuff.”


Speaking to the crowd of about 200 at the Orange County Convention Center.


During a lighting demo, Joe was sitting in the path of the projector. His eyes were lit by the very bottom portion of what was being projected on the screen.


He pulled a member of the audience, Curtis, to represent a “Captain of Industry” and created a beautiful image using lights from every angle.


Animated and passionate about light, Joe is a photographer’s photographer.

There’s something to be said about a well planned, thought out, studio portrait. A long time client emailed me a beautiful wall portrait of her older daughter taken at age five by another photographer. Her second daughter wasn’t quite five yet, but was about to lose a front tooth, so there was a touch of urgency in getting her five year portrait taken – especially if she showed off her beautiful smile.

The goal wasn’t so much to match every detail of her older sister’s portrait, but replicate the traditional look, size, and feel of a quality, 20×24 canvas portrait her mother already owned of daughter number one.

As always, in cases like this, my starting point is to duplicate the lighting, pose, and expression, but to reverse the pose so when hung side by side, they will face one another instead of both going in the same direction (they’re wearing the same dress). After I’m satisfied, I work outwards from there to put my own spin on it, giving the second child’s image its own personality.

In this case, I opted for a more pensive expression, without teeth. A chair was switched for a park bench, and hand placement was rearranged. Mom loved it, and who wouldn’t? It’s clean, well lit, traditional, and will be a perfect “sister” image to hang side by side with her older sibling.

Mission Accomplished!

Creating Wall Art

Creating Wall Art

It’s time to update, and we’ve got just the package for you! Come check out our new digs and improve your online “face value” at the same time! Business head shots, executive portraits, and profile bio photos by Tampa’s business photo experts, Newsome’s Studio of Photography.

Business Portrait, Head Shot, photographer, Tampa

Business Portrait, Head Shot, photographer, Tampa

Google may THINK they can count calories in a picture, but Newsome’s Studio proudly offers Calorie Free photography. That’s right, calorie free, carb free, and amazingly, even GLUTEN free portraits are available right here at Newsome’s Studio of Photography. In fact, some people have reported even LOSING weight by indulging themselves with a portrait session at Newsome’s.

Give us a call and get started on a new you today! Newsome’s Studio of Photography – proving Google wrong, one photograph at a time.


As of June 1st, Newsome’s Studio of Photography is open for business in our newest location! Now located in Cypress Point Office Park, behind Starbucks at the corner of Linebaugh Ave and North Dale Mabry Hwy. The official address is 10012 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 219, Tampa, FL 33618.

The studio is on the second floor (suite 219). Stop by and say Hi! sometime.

Come visit us in our new digs!

Come visit us in our new digs!