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I asked a recent passport photo client how they’d found me, and he answered “I just Googled ‘Best Passport Photographer in Tampa’ and you came up number one, three, five, six, seven, and eight, so I knew I’d found the right guy.”

No kidding.

I had to check it myself, and he was right. There I was, all over page one, being proclaimed by Google as the “best passport photographer in Tampa.” You can’t make this stuff up!  How does something like this happen? Well, 30 years of doing something correctly will get you on the “preferred photographer” list for several embassies of foreign governments. And when THAT happens, look out. There are days where all I may do are passport photos, but I’ll do a lot of them!

When it’s time for you to update YOUR passport photo, call “Tampa’s Best Passport Photographer” at 813-968-2810. You’ll be glad you did.

Located at 10012 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 219, in North Tampa (Carrollwood).

An appointment is HIGHLY recommended!

Yes, you can go to the drug store to get your US Passport photo updated. Yes, it’s very inexpensive and you don’t need an appointment. Yes, they will use a low resolution, consumer grade, point and shoot camera, under fluorescent lighting conditions (explaining the green tint on your face), against a window shade (that’s going to be gray instead of white). Yes, it has a good chance of being slightly blurry, because no flash was used to freeze the exposure, and yes, it has a chance of getting rejected by the US Passport Office for not conforming to their stated quality standards. But hey, you got toothpaste while you were there, right? Good for you.

Yes, you can come to Newsome’s Studio of Photography for your US Passport photo. Yes, it’s a little more expensive than a drug store and an appointment is highly recommended. Yes, we will use a very high resolution, professional grade camera, and a professional three light with a reflector flash system (explaining the perfect color on your face), against a pure white background (avoiding shadows because of the additional background light). Yes, it is guaranteed to be razor sharp, because that’s how we roll, and yes, it has a 100% chance of being accepted by the US Passport Office, not only conforming to their stated quality standards, but totally blowing them away. But hey, I didn’t sell you any toothpaste, but then again, I’m not a drug store pretending to be a photography studio.

Newsome’s Studio. Where people go to have professional photographs taken. Not buy toothpaste.

We don't sell toothpaste. We do sell passport photos.

We don’t sell toothpaste. We do sell passport photos.