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Giants of Design – 2016, Palm Springs, California


For the fourth time in as many years, I was contracted to provide documentary style coverage of Interior Design magazine’s Giants of Design Conference in Palm Springs, California.

Held at The Parker (former estate of Gene Autry, “the Singing Cowboy” from the B&W film days), the event lasted three and a half days and features tours of Palm Springs homes that are of particular interest with regards to design and décor.

100 of the country’s top designers and a few dozen manufacturers are treated to seminars, tours, activities, and meals that continually raise the bar for inspiration, education, and networking within their field.


Held on the grounds of Gene Autry’s Palm Springs home at The Parker.


Dinner in the backyard one evening.


Coffee by the Fire Pit.


Dinner by the indoor pool one evening, featured “Light Dancers.”


The meeting consisted of over 100 of the country’s top designers and manufacturers.


One stop on our Tour of Homes, included the Palm Springs home owned by Elvis Presley at the time he married Priscilla. This is where they spent their honeymoon night!


Another stop of particular interest, was Sunnylands. Google it. Pretty fascinating.

Event photography is a big part of my business. Corporate and company event, annual awards banquets, and conventions, are right up my alley. I’ve been very fortunate to have been selected to cover events in many parts of the country, my latest event was in Palm Springs, California (my third event there in as many years). If there truly is a “glamorous side” of being an event photographer, it’s working with the people who put on these events, and documenting THEIR story, and the locations, food, and activities they create for their attendees.

Registration Gift Bags

Registration Gift Bags

Making new business acquaintances.

Making new business acquaintances.

Garden Party Dinner

Garden Party Dinner

Larry Smith, Author of the Six Word Memoir Project.

Larry Smith, Author of the Six Word Memoir Project.

Attendees, Sponsors, and Staff of the event are always connected.

Attendees, Sponsors, and Staff of the event are always connected.

The details are not the details!

The details are not the details!

Balloon Rides at Dinner!

Balloon Rides at Dinner!

Photography coverage for corporate events is available just about anywhere with us. In the last two years alone, I’ve covered events in Chicago, Austin, Orlando, Miami Beach, and twice in Palm Springs, California – most recently, this past week.

I LOVE working conventions, seminars, award banquets, etc. They each present their own set of photographic challenges with huge variations in environments and lighting conditions, and event planners want their efforts and hard work to be showcased in the images I’m hired to capture. Point and Shoot cameras can’t shoot at the speeds necessary to capture “just the right moment,” and as hard as they work, staffers – untrained in the field of composition, depth of field, and lighting – can NEVER create the kind of images that truly show off your hard work.

Whether you’re planning an event in Florida or ANYWHERE in the WORLD, and want your images to showcase YOUR hard work, contact Newsome’s Studio and let us show you what we can do.

The following are just a few of the images taken at this past week’s event.


Philippe Petit, highwire walker who, in 1974, tight roped between the Twin Towers eight times before being arrested. Fascinating speaker. Documentary “Man on a Wire” was made about Philippe.


An outdoor dinner party for 150 Interior Designers and related industry reps, held in Gene Autry’s backyard in Palm Springs.


Breakfast in the garden during a three day event. Coffee and cell phones seem to go well together.


The morning sunlight hitting this hotel staffer as he prepared breakfast drinks caught my eye.


Emmy-winning, CBS News correspondent, David Pogue, giving an amazing lecture on the evolution of technology.


Backyard dinner party that featured a working Ferris wheel for entertainment!