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At Newsome’s Studio of Photography, we’re not fond of saying “we specialize in…” anything. We’re much more confident just saying that we’re extremely competent and experienced at a few genres of professional photography, such as executive and business headshots, high school senior pictures, family portraits, and passport photos.

HOWEVER… in the much-misunderstood world of passport photography, Newsome’s Studio is not shy about declaring a high degree of success in providing specialty passport photos. That would be, passport photos required by citizens of foreign countries, largely because they’re measured in millimeters, not inches.

For instance, a British passport photo is 35x45mm, a Greek passport photo is 40×60, a Canadian passport photo is 50x70mm and a Chinese Visa photo is 33x48mm. NONE of these can be obtained by your local drug store, auto club, or post office. Those hard working folks can only create passport photos measured in inches (2×2″), millimeters are a very foreign concept to them (because… metric).

So, yes, Virginia, Newsome’s Studio of Photography specializes in specialty passport photos for ALL foreign countries, ALL international requirements, and citizens of ALL lands, far and wide!

Located at 10012 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 219, Tampa, FL. We work by appointment only, takes all of ten minutes! Call at 813-968-2810.

UK British Passport Photo

UK British Passport Photo

The second most requested country for passport photos in Tampa, is UK or British Passport. You’d be surprised how many of Tampa’s residents are from England!

British Passport Photos are measured in millimeters (35x45mm) with specific requirements on the head size and background color. The drug store can’t do it. Neither can AAA or the Post Office, but fortunately for those in the Central Florida area, Newsome’s Studio of Photography can!

Located in Main Street Plaza in Carrollwood, at 11738 N. Dale Mabry, Newsome’s can accommodate your foreign passport photo needs and less than ten minutes, and you’ll leave with your finished images, guaranteed to pass muster with even the most picky of foreign government bureaucratic passport clerks!


Newsome’s Studio has been consistently providing high quality photos for Passport, Citizenship, Visa, Immigration, DV Lottery, Conceal/Carry Weapons Permits, and Student/Military IDs for Tampa since 1986.

At the top of the list of requests, is Canadian Passport Photos, followed by UK Passport Photos and then a wide variety of countries, including Australia, Nigeria, India, Mexico, Poland, and many, many more.

In less than ten minutes, you’ll walk out with sharp, well lit images that are guaranteed to pass muster with any foreign government request. We have an impeccable track record with over 30 countries (to date).

Hey, if you’re gonna be stuck with that image for TEN YEARS, you might as well look GOOD in it, right?