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How can you reach out to me? Let me count the ways… Facebook, Google+, Email, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, any of my three blogs, the contact form on my web site, snail mail, or the telephone.

Well, no matter what avenue you choose to communicate with me, I’m usually going to choose just one to reply… the telephone. Why? because it accomplishes more, saves time, answers questions in a heartbeat, and establishes a rapport/relationship in a way that all the others can’t.

You have questions, I have answers. Let’s cut to the chase and resolve your queries lightning fast, and you can get on with running your business. You will be happy, maybe your boss will be even happier, and I, most likely will have gained a new client in the process.

It is beyond my comprehension why so many photographers refuse to publicize their phone numbers – even on the “contact us” page of their web site! It’s like they’re doing everything possible to avoid real communication with potential clients.

Maybe it’s a sign of the times, so many forms of communication have been instilled in them since grammar school, that they view having an actual conversation with anyone an utter annoyance. If they’re not looking down between their thumbs, they’re incapable of communicating!

I love the phone, and I love hearing it ring. I think  my clients do too. You got questions about photography? Call me. 813-968-2810. We’ll talk, you’ll get answers, and I’ll have the opportunity to convince you that I’m the right man for the job.

Pick up the phone and call me.

Pick up the phone and call me.