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Urban Architecture used as background for a Corporate Head Shot


Objective: Client needed an environmental headshot/bio photo that can/will be used in an ad pieces and web pages. Verbiage to be on the left, image on the right. Semi-nondescript background blown out of focus.

Solution: Utilized select locations in an urban settings for background colors, combining (primarily) available light with reflectors and some supplemented modified flash. Kept client’s shoulders facing to camera left, into the image, offset by one third, leaving room for ad verbiage. One image cropped square to be used for LinkedIn/Facebook/etc.


A wall of Bougainvillea provided color


A square crop will provide a great bio photo for LinkedIn and other social media sites.





Corporate Group Photo

One of the greatest challenges I receive as a professional photographer, is when a new client arrives in the Tampa Bay Area (in this case, a St Louis firm staying at the Clearwater Marriott in Sand Key for a weekend retreat/business meeting), needing to update their employee images on their web site.


In this client’s case, they needed one large group photo, several individual images (all looking totally different), and a few “action” shots. The staff at the Marriott was wonderful and very accommodating, allowing us to utilize their beautiful lobby and restaurant to create 16 totally different images.

Working with only one light, modified for different looks, the entire job was completed in about two and half hours.


Bio Photo for “About” page



Situational Image for Website


Action Image for Website

It’s time to update, and we’ve got just the package for you! Come check out our new digs and improve your online “face value” at the same time! Business head shots, executive portraits, and profile bio photos by Tampa’s business photo experts, Newsome’s Studio of Photography.

Business Portrait, Head Shot, photographer, Tampa

Business Portrait, Head Shot, photographer, Tampa

An official business portrait when you work for the government, whether local, state, or federal, quite often requires the use of a flag. In this case, both the American and state flags. I learned a while back, how to achieve a good angle on “the spread” of flag mounted on a pole… it involves the use of a simple coat hanger – taped to the pole. Who knew?

Joeanne Toledo, Tampa Port Authority

Joeanne Toledo, Tampa Port Authority

Okay, so you’ve tried taking the photo yourself with an iPhone, and you’ve had your staff assistant take one with her point and shoot. In both cases, the image comes out looking exactly like it should… amateurish. Time to call a professional.

Kevin Newsome is Tampa’s PPA Certified, Master Photographer, with 28 years of experience in creating high quality, executive bio photos. Newsome’s will take several images and allow you to view and immediately select the best image. That same afternoon, you’ll receive a high res, fully retouched JPEG via email, ready to help you upgrade your Internet presence.

Call the studio at 813-968-2810 and get scheduled today! Located in Main Street Plaza in Carrollwood, at 11738 N. Dale Mabry Hwy.

Executive Portrait Photographer, Tampa

Executive Portrait Photographer, Tampa

Local crooner, Ralph Alocco of JAMS Entertainment, decided it was time to update his bio photo and publicity shot. We did a series of images to be used in advertising his services as both an entertainer/singer, and his karaoke business. This image was one of our favorites. Classic, Hollywood lighting and posing was used, as his specialty is Sinatra/Martin style singing.

Ralph Allocco of JAMS Entertainment

Ralph Allocco of JAMS Entertainment

I love the challenge of getting out of the camera room and creating executive business portraits on location, or in the client’s own environment. I bring professional lighting to accommodate every possible scenario, even if my intent is to utilize natural light only. Sometimes that “available light” isn’t always available. Such was the case yesterday when a thunderstorm rolled in about the time I got to the client’s office. A lack of good, high quality light will render your images muddy and lifeless. An experienced professional photographer will know exactly when the light has crossed into the realm of uselessness, and have at their disposal, the strobe system to mimic available light and still get the job done. These two images were captured yesterday under just such circumstances. I love my job, and I love my clients. Newsome’s Studio is “Home of the World’s Best Clients!”

Corporate Business Photo for Website

Corporate Business Photo for Website

Executive Head Shot for Bio Page

Executive Head Shot for Bio Page

Business owners in Tampa know how important that “first impression” image is. And they know that quite often that first impression is made by their profile pic or bio photo on their web site, or any number of social media pages across the Internet.

Paula DeBlasio, owner of Hollywood Venue knew it was time to update her online presence, and came to have her business photo taken this week. Hollywood Venue, is one of Tampa’s most incredibly well run, beautiful, and conveniently located gathering sites for personal parties (weddings, anniversaries, etc.) or corporate events (award banquets, seminars, etc.).

Having attended countless events at Hollywood Venue, and knowing Paula as well as I do, I can attest to the quality of their menu, their service, and the personable staff that works there, and I highly recommend them often.

We took several images, but in the end, this was the hands-down winner. Thanks Paula!

Paula DeBlasio, Hollywood Venue

Paula DeBlasio, Hollywood Venue

When it comes to professional bio photos, business portraits, or executive headshots, the importance of having a quality image cannot be overstated. It’s often your best “first impression.” It’s the first time many potential clients actually begin to “connect” with you as a professional. The last thing you want to do is turn them off by using a “cell phone selfie,” or a carport background taken by an eleven year old with a point and shoot camera.

Put some value in your face and hire a professional who can make you look your very best. Invest in your success, invest in your future, invest in your IMAGE, and call Newsome’s Studio of Photography today.

Taken on location in the client's office for their web site and brochure.

Taken on location in the client’s office for their web site and brochure.