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This is a question I get most via phone, email, or messenger. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy to answer as all that.

One person may only need a simple studio head and shoulders image on a plain, neutral background, yet the next person’s idea of a headshot might involve a full-length image on a green screen with a desk full of props in the foreground, and drop in a law library in the background with a logo overlay and six levels of retouching to choose from. This is not what I would call “a headshot,” but it could very well be the client’s only terminology they have, to convey “a marketable digital image.”

In its simplest form, “a headshot” at Newsome’s Studio is $199 for the first image purchased.

If you want your headshot to become more involved (as in the latter example), it’s not what I call “a headshot,” it’s more of “a branding session.” A branding session is a collaboration between your ideas and my skill set in bringing them to life. The cost of which, is dictated by the level of time and talent needed to bring it all together. Sometimes, additional costs are incurred, via the need to purchase a stock image to use as a background or me going on location to create that image myself. Maybe you need several “reworks” of retouching because you don’t think you look slim enough, or young enough, or whatever!

Today’s digital world has opened up an ocean of possibilities when it comes to creating a great marketable image. Retouching is no longer a simple case of removing a few blemishes. In this day of Snapchat and Instagram filters, people are accustomed to presenting themselves as younger, slimmer, and more photogenic than they might actually be in person. There is actually a real danger to a client insisting that you go what might be considered “overboard” in retouching them beyond recognition. I caution clients of that, but still, they persist.

All of this boils down to time and talent, and time and talent are the only commodities left in the equation of running a profitable photography business. I don’t sell pixels, I sell my time and my talent.

So, how much is a headshot? Well, how much of my time and talent do you expect you’ll need? It could run anywhere from $199 to $999 for that first image. The only way I can accurately answer that question is for us to have a conversation about your particular needs, but suffice it to say that “a headshot” BEGINS at $199. And no, just because you “only need it for Linkedin” doesn’t make it any less valuable to you, or any less time and talent consuming for me.

If you’re going to market yourself with it, it should be taken seriously, by you AND your photographer.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t always get your team or your board all in the same place at the same time. That’s when you need to call a professional photographer who is experienced at “group composite photos.”

A group composite photo is a single photograph that has been created, using more than one image. Essentially, adding one or more individuals to a group photograph when they weren’t really there when the group photo was taken – and doing so convincingly.

Newsome’s Studio has been creating group composites for years, and has found more than one reason they’re great for business. Law firms, Dr offices, Insurance companies, and many other places of business may want a group photo taken for their “Meet the Team” page on their company website. If they ARE lucky enough to assemble everyone in one place for a photo, it is rare that everyone looks their absolute best – all at the same time – in ONE PHOTO! And even if they do, within a year or less, someone leaves the firm, someone gets transferred out of state, someone gets terminated, and BOOM!… the group photo is suddenly rendered useless!

Kevin Newsome has solved this problem for several businesses in recent years. He has photographed the team, board, and staff photo of as many of 20 individuals – separately – and composited them into one “near-perfect” group photo. When one partner leaves the firm, no problem. Delete them and add the new person in their spot, avoiding the need to re-photograph the entire group, saving the firm HUNDREDS of dollars!


Quality Consulting Group


Strategis CPAs & Consulting


West Tampa Chamber of Commerce


Carrollwood Area Business Association


Urban Architecture used as background for a Corporate Head Shot


Objective: Client needed an environmental headshot/bio photo that can/will be used in an ad pieces and web pages. Verbiage to be on the left, image on the right. Semi-nondescript background blown out of focus.

Solution: Utilized select locations in an urban settings for background colors, combining (primarily) available light with reflectors and some supplemented modified flash. Kept client’s shoulders facing to camera left, into the image, offset by one third, leaving room for ad verbiage. One image cropped square to be used for LinkedIn/Facebook/etc.


A wall of Bougainvillea provided color


A square crop will provide a great bio photo for LinkedIn and other social media sites.





I was recently contracted to create business head shots for select employees of the American Automobile Association (aka AAA). The job would require travel. Lots of travel (something they know quite a bit about). They wanted a consistent look among all bio photos, particularly with regards to background, lighting, cropping, and retouching. They had over a thousand employees in the southeast, spread out over 67 branches in three states. And, they had a deadline. “Can you do it?”

I had been selected as their photographer back in October, with a proposed deadline of February 28th. After photographing the first seven locations in Southwest Florida, they realized that my costs had not been budgeted for 2015, so I was put on hold until the first of the year where budgets for this project were now in place. The new deadline was May 1st.

I rekindled scheduling beginning in early February. There were 47 locations in Florida and 10 each in Georgia and Tennessee. Because of prior commitments and shoots with other clients, I selectively fit them into my already-busy schedule where I could, attempting to do two to three branches in a single day whenever possible.

The beauty of working all over the state of Florida, is that no matter where I went, I had friends to stay with. Jacksonville? Tammy Czigan; Tallahassee? Cindy Strickland; Miami? Marybeth Jackson; Sarasota/Bradenton? Manny Cruz. I could base myself just about anywhere to reach a cluster of offices over a one, two, or three day period, and even had an assistant at one time (THANK YOU TAMMY!).

Georgia and Tennessee would require a single road trip and a race to the finish. In fact, my road trip actually started with the Miami offices, beginning in Stuart and working my way south to cover eight branches over three days. From there, I crossed the state and spent the weekend with family in Ft Myers, before heading north to Savannah, Ga. I knocked out all twenty Georgia and Tennessee branches in seven days of shooting.

A bonus in Nashville, was running into my good friends (all Past Presidents of the FPP), Al Gordon, Dana Lunden, and Jackson Koontz III.

My final push to complete the assignment lasted 15 days (with weekends off), covered 28 offices, 328 head shots, and involved driving 3,421 miles.

I set up and tore down the same portable studio 67 times since this began. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve likely seen that setup accompanied with the hashtag #todayscameraroom more than enough times. Some offices were huge, some were tiny. I was set up in everything from boardrooms, to broom closets. The people I had the honor of working with were incredible! Friendly, kind, sweet, and cooperative. I couldn’t have asked for a better scenario or group of individuals to work with.

It’s nice to get out of the studio, even if I have to bring it with me. Road trips are like therapy. I can mentally check out – solve all the world’s problems – and see some great scenery along the way.

“Yes. I can do it.”



A professional portrait studio is a great place for executives to have business and bio photos taken, but it’s not the ONLY place that works. We work quite often in a client’s office, lobby, boardroom, etc, and if our client works remotely from home, we can utilize a neutral outdoor environment as well.

In this case, we were fortunate enough to be tapped for an outdoor executive portrait session, by the amazing Christel Aprigliano, former Director of Membership of the Professional Photographers of America. She left PPA a few years back and now resides in the Tampa area, running two non-profits as an advocate for Diabetes patients, the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition and the Diabetes UnConference.


For use as a bio photo and for promotional material

All images were taken in horizontal format to be utilized on anything from business cards to billboards.


Backlit image with a soft background


Higher contrast image, using soft light on Christel

All of these images were taken in a single location, within just a few feet of each other. A shallow depth of field allows you to utilize just about any background without distracting from the subject.

Thank you Christel!


Corporate Group Photo

One of the greatest challenges I receive as a professional photographer, is when a new client arrives in the Tampa Bay Area (in this case, a St Louis firm staying at the Clearwater Marriott in Sand Key for a weekend retreat/business meeting), needing to update their employee images on their web site.


In this client’s case, they needed one large group photo, several individual images (all looking totally different), and a few “action” shots. The staff at the Marriott was wonderful and very accommodating, allowing us to utilize their beautiful lobby and restaurant to create 16 totally different images.

Working with only one light, modified for different looks, the entire job was completed in about two and half hours.


Bio Photo for “About” page



Situational Image for Website


Action Image for Website

For, I don’t know, maybe the last six years or so, I’ve had the honor of documenting the Awards and Installation Banquet of the Carrollwood Area Business Association in North Tampa. My job consists of creating business portraits of each of the eleven or twelve board members, a group photo of the board, a group photo of The Gavel Club (the Past Presidents), candids of the event, and the awards presentation throughout the evening.

This year’s banquet was an incredible display of patience, understanding, perseverance, and rolling with the punches like the troopers these business owners are. As an event photographer, I’ve seen my share of events and things that can “go wrong.” As a result, I’ve also seen how people react when confronted with the unexpected-particularly when the unexpected is unwelcomed. It’s often not very pretty.

This year, as Florida weather often has it, a nearby transformer was hit by lightning just a few hours before the event was to begin. I arrived early to set up a portable studio to create the board photos. I have battery backup lighting equipment for just such emergencies, but oddly enough, the part of the building I was set up in still had limited electrical power (there was more than one line into the building). We didn’t have A/C, only emergency lights overhead, and the kitchen was completely without power.

Everything moved forward with the hope and expectation that power would  be restored in time for the food to be prepped and the A/C to cool the place down before the main body of 100 guests began arriving. The owner of the venue (Paula DeBlasio, Hollywood Venue), was calm, collected, and had more class than you could ever expect from someone in her unfortunate position. When it became evident that power would not be restored in time to prep dinner, she did what a great member of the Carrollwood Area Business Association does… she called another CABA member, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, and ordered dinner for 100!

Dinner arrived shortly, after which, we adjourned to the back patio (where there was a bit more light), and continued with the awards presentation. You know what? It was hot and somewhat muggy, but no one complained. CABA is made up entrepreneurs, business owners who deal with uncontrolled set backs every day. They know it wasn’t anyone’s fault, and they know it could happen to them. Being that Tampa is prone to lightning storms, there’s a good chance it already has!

By the end of the evening, every task assigned to that banquet was completed. Kudos to Paula, Anthony’s, the CABA Board and membership, and the patience and understanding that was on stage all evening. I’m honored to not only be a member, but to know each and every one of you.

The new Board of Directors of the Carrollwood Area Business Association.

The new Board of Directors of the Carrollwood Area Business Association.

Immediate Past President, Kristen Votta of Fitness Tek.

Immediate Past President, Kristin Votta of Fitness Tek.

Incoming President Rob Cunningham of ADT.

Incoming President Rob Cunningham of ADT.

Anthony Brooks of Capital Finance Advisors.

Anthony Brooks of Capital Finance Advisors.

Board Members, Sean Dimas of Elmcroft Senior Living, and Kristen Votta of Fitness Tek.

Board Members, Sean Dimas of Elmcroft Senior Living, and Kristin Votta of Fitness Tek.

A good clean, traditional business portrait for corporate executives is a must-have for a professional’s web site bio page. Tampa’s executive market has been trusting Newsome’s Studio of Photography to create their profile photos for nearly 30 years. Used for everything from business cards to billboards, we can accommodate your corporate needs. Now located at 10012 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 219 in Cypress Point Office Park, behind Starbucks at the corner of Linebaugh and Dale Mabry Hwy in Carrollwood (North Tampa).

Corporate Portrait, Tampa

Corporate Portrait, Tampa

It’s time to update, and we’ve got just the package for you! Come check out our new digs and improve your online “face value” at the same time! Business head shots, executive portraits, and profile bio photos by Tampa’s business photo experts, Newsome’s Studio of Photography.

Business Portrait, Head Shot, photographer, Tampa

Business Portrait, Head Shot, photographer, Tampa