Kevin and Kaye Newsome

Kaye & I met in 1983 while working for the same photography company. I was her boss. We married in 1985. Now she’s mine. She earned an A.S. degree in photography in 1980 from the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale. At Newsome’s, Kaye is the organizer, studio manager, and handles all the pre-photography consultations and post-photography image presentations but most importantly she’s the “kid whisperer” in our camera room.

I’m the techie guy, so I do most of the shooting, handle the camera and lights, all the post-production, retouching, and digital workflow. I’m the webmaster, blogger, network marketer, and promoter. Oh yeah, I clean the bathroom too. My wife tells me there’s nothing sexier than a man in yellow cleaning gloves. 

This blog is an outlet for my salacious desire to type. I hope you enjoy the stories and images. Feel free to post a reply, comment, or just practice your own typing. 


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