A professional portrait studio is a great place for executives to have business and bio photos taken, but it’s not the ONLY place that works. We work quite often in a client’s office, lobby, boardroom, etc, and if our client works remotely from home, we can utilize a neutral outdoor environment as well.

In this case, we were fortunate enough to be tapped for an outdoor executive portrait session, by the amazing Christel Aprigliano, former Director of Membership of the Professional Photographers of America. She left PPA a few years back and now resides in the Tampa area, running two non-profits as an advocate for Diabetes patients, the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition and the Diabetes UnConference.


For use as a bio photo and for promotional material

All images were taken in horizontal format to be utilized on anything from business cards to billboards.


Backlit image with a soft background


Higher contrast image, using soft light on Christel

All of these images were taken in a single location, within just a few feet of each other. A shallow depth of field allows you to utilize just about any background without distracting from the subject.

Thank you Christel!

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