Joe McNally Seminar for KelbyOne in Orlando

Posted: August 22, 2015 in Corporate Events and Conventions, Photography Education, Studio Happenings
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Spent yesterday in Orlando. I was not only hired to photographically cover the Joe McNally seminar for KelbyOne Media, but I was treated to an incredible education by one of the industry’s best and most accomplished photographers in the business… JOE McNALLY!

I give the seminar two thumbs up, and Joe’s ability to present his perspective and methodology in a language anyone can understand is downright magical. The guy is not only bursting with a talent for lighting and composition, but he’s a natural stand up comic! Eight hours with most of the industry’s instructors is about seven hours too long. Eight hours with Joe doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the time you wish you could spend listening to him speak.

Well done, Joe, well done indeed!


Joe McNally


Having a laugh at his assistant’s expense.


A joke a minute, and all “off the cuff.”


Speaking to the crowd of about 200 at the Orange County Convention Center.


During a lighting demo, Joe was sitting in the path of the projector. His eyes were lit by the very bottom portion of what was being projected on the screen.


He pulled a member of the audience, Curtis, to represent a “Captain of Industry” and created a beautiful image using lights from every angle.


Animated and passionate about light, Joe is a photographer’s photographer.


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