Black & White Children’s Portrait Photographer, Tampa

Posted: November 8, 2014 in Studio Happenings
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If I picked the perfect age to photograph children, it would be ages 3-5. It’s after they’ve outgrown the “trying twos,” and before they’ve lost their teeth. It’s before they’ve become “cosmetically aware” and are completely comfortable in front of a camera. They haven’t yet been taught “how to smile” so when it happens, it’s very natural. I know, I know, I’ve just told you the EASIEST age to photograph. That’s okay, I don’t mind “easy” once in a while. Well here in Tampa, you have plenty of choices in finding a photographer to create beautiful images of your child, we know that. And we’re always very happy when someone chooses Newsome’s Studio to document a special occasion or to create “that one, perfect image” of their child. Today, we had the pleasure of seeing Emma for the third time, nearing her third birthday. Love to photograph children. Love B&W. And Love Emma!

Black & White Portrait Study

Black & White Portrait Study


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