“Pixels are for Sharing, Prints are for Preserving” Missy Mwac

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Studio Happenings
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This nifty little PSA was produced by Canon. In addition to cameras, they’re in the business of selling printers. I’m in the business of selling frozen moments of time, in the form of wall portraits. We have something in common. We both see a decline in people printing their photographs.

A popular Internet Icon, Missy Mwac, made a keen observation recently… “This generation is the most photographed generation in history. In 50 years, they will have no photographs.” If trends continue as they have over the last ten years, she’s absolutely right! Too many people are quick to rely on their cell phones and Facebook for storage of their family’s photographic history. Drop that phone in a Big Gulp, and your history just got erased. Your Facebook account gets hacked and someone deletes all your images… well, that’s that!

So take 35 seconds to view this Canon produced PSA. It makes a great point, and hopefully will save you from having to pay for child therapy. Enjoy!



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