Florida Portrait Connection

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Studio Happenings
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A retail located portrait studio doesn’t survive in today’s environment without a solid plan for success. For Newsome’s Studio, that plan comes in many colors, one of which is a think tank of like-minded studio owners. Twice a year, we gather in a rotating host studio’s neck of the woods, and work on our strategic marketing plan for the following six months. We share what works and what doesn’t; what has and what hasn’t. We openly critique each other’s business plan, marketing materials, price lists, and images. We are incredibly open, brutally honest, and very supportive. The information exchanged between us has helped carry our collective studios through some of the toughest times in our industry’s history. We’re all still here, we’re all still relevant, and we’re all still earning our living in an ever-evolving industry that many have abandoned out of frustration. I owe a great deal of gratitude to these fine people, talented photographers, and intelligent businessmen/women. Thank you, Carol Walker of Thomas Bruce Studio, St Petersburg; Manny Cruz of Cruz Portrait Design, Bradenton; Cindy Strickland of A Moment Captured, Tallahassee; Bruce Wilson of Bruce Wilson Photography, Kissimmee; and Debbie and Angelo Panozzo of Moya Photography, West Palm Beach.

Florida Portrait Connection - September 2014

Florida Portrait Connection – September 2014


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