Business owners in Tampa know how important that “first impression” image is. And they know that quite often that first impression is made by their profile pic or bio photo on their web site, or any number of social media pages across the Internet.

Paula DeBlasio, owner of Hollywood Venue knew it was time to update her online presence, and came to have her business photo taken this week. Hollywood Venue, is one of Tampa’s most incredibly well run, beautiful, and conveniently located gathering sites for personal parties (weddings, anniversaries, etc.) or corporate events (award banquets, seminars, etc.).

Having attended countless events at Hollywood Venue, and knowing Paula as well as I do, I can attest to the quality of their menu, their service, and the personable staff that works there, and I highly recommend them often.

We took several images, but in the end, this was the hands-down winner. Thanks Paula!

Paula DeBlasio, Hollywood Venue

Paula DeBlasio, Hollywood Venue


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