Dear Verizon…

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Day Three with no phone service. How is this possible, Verizon? Please tell me! I understand things happen and things break down, but to be incapable of even FINDING the problem after three days of looking just seems inconceivable.

Let me help you out. Help me help you. Let’s begin three days ago when my wife called to cancel our “Line two.” At one time it was a dedicated fax line. We so rarely send and receive faxes anymore, it was only used as a “rollover line” for when someone called our main number but it was busy.

So a decision to reduce our monthly phone bill by $70 was made, and she called to cancel the line entirely. The Verizon Customer Service Reps on the other end (oh yes, she was transferred five times to different people because no one seemed to be able to accommodate a “cancel” request), did their level best to convert her from cancelling, and instead, “buying” one or two of their MANY features that would “save” us money, yet never save us the $70. Within an hour, line two went dead… SO DID LINE ONE!!

So… why not look “there.” Why not backtrack, and find the carbon based button pusher who unplugged line two, and ask them what steps they took to disconnect that line, because whatever it was, ALSO DISCONNECTED LINE ONE!!! GOT THAT?? Then REVERSE those steps and FIX THE PROBLEM!

In the meantime, I’ll be looking at another phone service that will fulfill my simple requests without penalizing me for not buying their “additional features” by cutting my line entirely. Trust me, Verizon. You have some serious problems that need addressing. My patience have run out.

About 2PM this afternoon, service was restored. I immediately fielded two phone calls from new clients who said they’ve been trying to reach me and were beginning to think I was no longer in business. I can only wonder how many didn’t persist in trying to reach me.


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