Outback Bowl 2014

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Studio Happenings
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First assignment of the year, for the last six or seven years, has been working for the Outback Bowl Committee. This year I was ably assisted by two US Army Captains, my son, Cpt Logan Newsome, and his college roommate and fellow Iraq War Veteran, Cpt Nick Bingham. Once our “assigned” photography duties are completed, we hit the sidelines for some fun. Here are a few images from the 2014 Outback Bowl between LSU and Iowa (LSU won, 21-14).


I have no idea who she is. She’s one of the thousands of dancers who performed pre-game and at halftime, but you can just see in her face the thrill of playing to 51 thousand fans.


NASCAR Driver, Kevin Harvick delivered the “game toss coin” by driving onto the field in his own special way.


Once again, proud contributors to the Outback Bowl!


This is what approximately three thousand halftime performers look like from the top of RayJay Stadium.


The one precious second this player wish he had back. After returning an interception 71 yards for what was to be a “highlight touchdown,” he celebrated a millisecond too early and the ball was ruled a fumble at the one yard line. Bummer. Photo by Cpt Logan Newsome.

Myself, Cpt Logan Newsome, and Cpt Nick Bingham

Myself, Cpt Logan Newsome, and Cpt Nick Bingham. Photo by Neal Nachman


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