An Event Like No Other

Posted: December 28, 2013 in Studio Happenings
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We photographed over 800 weddings in 22 years, but stopped accepting weddings in 2008. In five years, I’ve only really done two “traditional” weddings, and a small handful of very, very small beach ceremonies. It wasn’t the photography part of a wedding drove me away from them, I really LOVED that part of the process. It was the post-production involved – the downloading, editing, culling, uploading, laying out and designing of albums – it’s really far more intense and time consuming than anyone realizes. The labor time involved in a large traditional wedding more than doubled when photography went digital. Everyone thinks it got easier, but it really didn’t. SOME things did, but others became a beast of burden.

Well, every now and then a client comes along that you just can’t say “no” to, and when Florida House Rep Janet Cruz Rifkin called to ask if I’d photograph her son’s wedding, I was “all in.” Janet and I were classmates since the 7th grade, graduated high school together, and have stayed in touch through the years (I won’t say how many). Her son, Nick, I had last photographed when he was about eight years old. Now, he was getting married to a beautiful young lady named Veronica and I was very honored to be their photographer. Although there were many, this was my favorite image of the night. Some things are just WORTH “coming out of retirement for.” Congratulations Veronica & Nick!

Nick & Veronica

Nick & Veronica


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